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Movement-art practice for people challenged by age

When comes to your longevity, there is not short term fix, a pin or anything else than keeping your purposeful life style. A life connected with your loved ones, keeping your interests alive, and belonging to the right tribe, surrounding with the right people, helps you to maintain your natural mobility with a purpose.

In the Strength-for-Living program you will became aware of the importance of being active in your own group setting to stay healthy, and improve your quality of life when you are challenged by age.

This program is designed for you to be active with a purpose, for you to engage socially with others, to improve your mood, and reduce your risk of falls.

Strength-for-Living will involves a range of strengthening, coordination and balance practices through movement-arts, with an interactive and creative theme, to help to maintain your cognitive function, the ability to carry out your daily living activities, and improve your self-esteem.

This movement-art class can also help you to stay in relationship with self and the world around you, which benefits both, you and your carer. Movement-art practice can become a medium for connection and empathy if your language and cognition start to fail.

In this creative class, you will improve your strength fitness and balance, and you will enhance your confidence and sense of wellbeing, while having fun in your group.

Benefits of Strength-for-Living are:

  • Improve mood and help with depression
  • Engage socially
  • Reduce the risk of falls