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Welcome to MOVERE!

MOVERE is celebrating Cairns Disability Action Week 2019 on the 21st and 22nd of September with a 2-Day free dance movement workshop for people that live with disability and their care givers. The aim of the workshop is empowering people with disability towards full participation in our community through excellence in service and leadership.

Physical activity opportunities for disabled people are crucial and being active can be important to staying healthy when living with a disability. We encourage disability agencies and services to engage their clients to empower all their abilities.

We invite you to participate of MOVERE 2-DAY Workshop

Made for You

MOVERE Workshops are from 9AM to 4PM on each event day with a duration of 1hr and 10min per session paced to suit your participation. We will provide tailored content to suit you and your carer including takeaway instructions focused in creativity and fun, which you can implement within your everyday lives.

How you Register

Your carer and you will be required to register and to book to attend the event. Registration is open until 20th September. You will have the option to choose a session on day one or day two of the dance movement workshops. (all sessions are low to moderate intensity level)

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Please forward this information to someone that may benefit from it.

Your body knows! It loves Movement.

You’ll receive regular updates on how to participate, register and book your session, as well as the benefits that dance movement can provide across all five domains of wellbeing: physical, emotional, cognitive, cultural (creative expressive) and interpersonal.

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