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Welcome to MOVERE Year 2020!


The wellbeing place for people with disability & their caregivers to learn and be interactive through dance and movements.


MOVERE is a concept that was successfully designed and implemented in Celebration of Cairns Disability Action Week 2019. In MOVERE “Dance and movement for all”, groups with various types of disability participated in 2-Days of dance and movement for health and wellbeing workshops for people that live with disability and their caregivers. We provided a tailoring content to suit attendees, and also take away instructions focused on creativity and fun, they could implement within their everyday lives.

Some of the attendees’ feedback; 

  • “How much fun and freedom Bettany had, and us the cares too. Plus felt no judgmental in the space. “
  • “I need to move more to be flexible, kindly reminder, thank you. What I most liked was the participation of both clients “participants as well as the support worker.”
  • “My takeaway from that session; was fun meeting new people and learn new moves.”
  • “Moves make relax the body. Plenty of interaction.”
  • “I would like it to be a regular class.”
  • “So inclusive and positive.”
  • “I was honoured to be here; it was a beautiful experience. It felt very inclusive.”

Inspiration 2020


MOVERE sessions provide wellbeing in a fun, creative and stimulating experience for people with a disability and their caregivers, enabling you to develop skills in working together and taking this experience & movements away.

Your body knows! It loves movement.


Ask for MOVERE regular updates on how to participate, register and book sessions or workshops in your region, as well as the benefits that dance movement can provide across all five domains of wellbeing: physical, emotional, cognitive, cultural (creative expressive) and interpersonal.

Engage with MOVERE community “Inspiration 2020” and feel great about yourself!

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