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Movement-art is a conscious, grounding, fluid, artistic and progressive form of physical activity.

Movement-art combines physical activity, social interaction, creative and emotional expression. All these elements are backed by research showing that they can improve your health. In The Dancing Rose’s programs, these Movement-art elements are brought together in a holistic experience which will provide you pleasure stirring your interest, and despite your age, young or old, it will get you active.

The Dancing Rose practices Movement-art because it is a powerful vehicle for you to use to express yourself. You can also use it to express your art, ideas and emotions. The essential components learnt in Movement-art are body awareness, which includes posture, coordination and flexibility.

The results produced are graceful, harmonious, and beautiful themed movements, in a strong, free and expressive body.

In movement-art, movement is used to address posture, coordination and flexibility of your body, and to develop your mind’s concentration, purpose and sensibility. The significance of art has to do with your purpose of creativity, your uniqueness of expression and the aesthetic aspects of your movements.

The practitioner will assist you to develop the discipline of personal expression, inner strength, and balanced body aesthetics. This is achieved through performing specific patterned movements, until it becomes natural for your body to develop your own movement.

This practice will lead you to:

  • Develop awareness of each part of your body and its relation to the whole
  • Feel joy doing physical activity
  • Free your body free your mind
  • Improve overall health, and create greater resistance to illness
  • Enjoy a new sense of self-empowerment being creative
  • Heighten self-esteem, relationship and social interaction

Movement-art holistic health and wellbeing programs are ideal for you if wish to increase your self-confidence. It will help you to re-connect with your natural movements, and strengthen your social connections.