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Movement-art practice for people living in a community

Celebrating-equality is a program that includes the general population of a community. This program promotes contribution and participation of people from a wide range of ages and ability levels, to address broad health outcomes from different groups, for strengthen the quality life of a community.

The aim of the Celebrating-equality program is to inspire people of all ages to find purpose to be active and to make the point that anyone can engage and interact with no matter what their age or experience. At the same time, the program engages participants of different generations, such parents and children, old people, people with disability, and immigrants.

In this program, the practice of movement-art activities focus on a choice of a theme chosen by community consultation before start the creative process.

This health and wellbeing, community empowering program is created to strength further cohesion between groups, and as well to encourage groups’ leadership to inspire future activities. It is designed to empower groups to raise conscious movement, develop skills with purpose, and group expression when living in a community:

Benefits and outcomes of Celebration-equality program are:

  • Community cohesion
  • Improve community health
  • Bring people together socially
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Improve community relationships
  • Social inclusion