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Blossoming  is an introductory Movement-art program designed for women to unleash their creative potential through expressive body movement.

” Women are rich in creativity and graceful fluidity. They are nurturing, compassionate and possess many other virtuous traits. However, many women live their days forgetting to nourish themselves with authentic expression of their unique song of the self”

Blossoming is a program for you, a woman, to feel great, to feel nourished, and be in tune with your true self, while surrounded by a group of supportive women. By creating your body movements, you can fully connect with your creativity, expansion and uniqueness.

In every class, you’ll experience an empowering theme that will align with the essential components of Movement-art; body awareness which encompasses posture, coordination and flexibility.

These classes empower and raise your conscious ability of self-expression, encouraging your natural movement and awareness of each part of your body in relation to the whole.

You certainly will enjoy a secure and humorous atmosphere!

The key benefits of Blossoming classes are:

  • Enhancement of the vital energy of self-expression
  • Produce uplifting and positive feelings
  • Discover your own unique beautiful movements