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Rose Genesio – Dancer & Movement-art Holistic Practitioner

Rose creates mind and body awareness to convey the health and well-being that brings the joy of creative, physical and emotional balance.

She is African, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro where dance and music were an integral part of her upbringing as a part of the Brazilian community and culture.

Since 1994, Rose has been living in Far North Queensland where she has continued to develop her skills of a dance and movement artist, teacher and choreographer.

Rose has been embodying her dance and Movement-art teaching through successfully organising carnival events and performances. She has also run cultural educational awareness programs for schools, programs for NGO, and many other local and remote services. She has worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds covering the FNQ regions.

“I have learnt as a teacher that expressive movement is more effective when preceded by purpose and body awareness; posture, coordination and flexibility. The result is an engagement of the participants in their own creative choices of movement in rhythm, and freedom of expression by slowly seeing their bodies coming alive due to inhibitions being released allowing new dimensions to be explored, consequently letting go of mental limitations. These insights became the doorway to be a teacher. The outcome has been very positive, participants experiencing personal empowerment, social and community involvement and integration have been the standout”

This led to Rose’s founding of The Dancing Rose; a collection of programs and ultimately her intention to support the improvement of individual’s quality of life. The focus is on physical activity, social interaction, creative, and emotional expression.

Expertise in Dance & Movement-art

23 years of dance and movement facilitation.

Yoga Foundation Training

Certificate IV in Fitness

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate III in Community Service

Certificate II in Disability

Reiki Training Level II

Background in NGO Community Cultural Event and Educational Program Organisation